23 Feb

Should You Take On Another Shih Tzu?

Are you thinking of getting a new dog but worried about your current Shih Tzu and how he will take to the newcomer? Perhaps you are thinking of rescuing a Shih Tzu but are wary of things never being the same again? If this sounds like you, read on for some tips.

Dogs generally love other dogs and the only exception is if bad experiences have occurred in the past. Shih Tzu have historically been kept in pairs or even small groups so often take to multi dog lifestyles very well indeed. Plus of course dogs tend to gravitate together anyway so getting another dog, particularly a rescue dog with nowhere else to go, may be a great idea.

Finding The Right Shih Tzu Match

The first thing to do when you are considering a new dog as a friend for your Shih Tzu is to take a look at your own dog’s personality. If you live with an older Shih Tzu that lives a quiet life then a teenage addition to the home, with poor social skills and a confrontational manner may not be the best Shih Tzu for you.

The best thing to do when making this important decision is to make a list of all of your own dog’s personality traits and how they manifest. For instance, if your Shih Tzu is quiet and settled write that down. If he is desperate to play with every dog that he meets, then write that Shih Tzu trait down too. Then as you look for a second dog keep your existing Shih Tzu needs in mind!

A Shih Tzu Puppy

If you are planning on getting a Shih Tzu puppy, ask yourself whether this will be fair on the dog that is already in your home.

If, after deliberation, you believe that a Shih Tzu puppy will be a perfect addition to your home and lives then ensure you approach a reputable breeder or good rescue shelter. Be sure to avoid pet store puppies and those being sold under dodgy conditions, for these are likely to be puppy farmed dogs with health and often anxiety issues.

Older Shih Tzu

If you would like to offer a home to an older unwanted Shih Tzu, then bravo! It’s a good idea to speak to the person who know the dog best and ask if they believe the needy dog is a suitable companion for your existing Shih Tzu and take it from there.

Finally, it’s important that the dogs meet before the final decision is made. This way your own dog also gets a say in whether the new dog is going to be a good addition to your home and lives together. Take them for a walk together, watch their body language and you will soon know whether this second Shih Tzu will be a good dog to bring home!


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