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Shih Tzu Training Types

Are you looking for a new type of training that you can attend with your Shih Tzu? Perhaps you would like to try a completely new activity with your dog but are not sure which one?

Read on for some ideas of training a Shih Tzu puppy that might just be perfect for you and your dog.

Shih Tzu Clicker Training

Shih Tzu training when using a clicker is great fun. The inventive, sparky and highly intelligent Shih Tzu loves clicker training when motivated with the right food. The clicker is used to capture the behavior that you would like your Shih Tzu to repeat in order to add a command to it.

Shih Tzu clicker training can be done at home after a clicker tuning in process but it can also be used at training class with great results.

Agility Training and the Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu training for some dog owners means agility classes. Agility is a wonderfully fun training type and although the Shih Tzu may not be the most agile of dogs, in comparison to some breeds, if he is healthy and has sound joints this little dog will love agility.

The idea is that the dog moves over obstacles whilst you walk alongside in encouragement. The obstacles include hurdles, tunnels, weaves and even a seesaw.  Training Shih Tzu over the agility course can be slow going in the beginning but when he gets the idea this little dog will love it.

Shih Tzu Flyball Training

Flyball is even more fun than agility. The aim of this game is that two teams of dog run a relay, side by side, across hurdles to a box that releases a tennis ball. The dogs catch the ball and dash back to the beginning across the same route. Then the next dog is released until the whole team has ran. The team which gets all of their dogs through first is the winner.

All breeds of dog take part in flyball training, the hurdles match the shortest member of the group, making a flyball trained Shih Tzu a very popular dog indeed.

Shih Tzu Training – Heelwork to Music

Heelwork to music is wonderful to watch and taught with the aid of targeting and a clicker. The idea is that the dog learns to literally ‘dance’ in sequence with the handler. This type of Shih Tzu training is build up by teaching nice patterns of obedience then moving through them in sequence until an entire long order pattern is established. It looks great and is really good fun to take part in.

Why Carry out Shih Tzu Training?

The general and fun areas of Shih Tzu training will meet your dog’s physical and psychological needs. Regular training will wear your dog out, help him to sleep soundly and keep him younger for longer. The mutual bond between the two of you will grow during training sessions and beyond, particularly if you are working as a team to achieve a mutual goal as shown in most of the training types here.

There are absolutely no negative points to Shih Tzu training at all, as long as it’s carried out carefully, kindly and fairly,  training a Shih Tzu puppy will enhance all of your lives.

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