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Shih Tzu Training Tips – Train Your Shih Tzu in Bite Sized Chunks

Are you looking for Shih Tzu Training tips? Perhaps your training isn’t going as well as you might like and you are looking for some Shih Tzu training help?Shih Tzu Training

If so you’re in the right place here for there is a certain secret that you can use, when teaching your dog something new, that makes all of the difference!

Shih Tzu training works far better in bite sized chunks. When I say bite sized chunks I mean those tiny training sessions that last no more than five minutes and sometimes even half of that duration.

So, why do the shorter training sessions work so well for the Shih Tzu in particular?

Shih Tzu Training Tips – Making a Companion Dog Work

Dog training, in your dog’s eyes, is work. I don’t mean that he sighs before it starts and wishes he was on holiday. Work to dogs is the act of using their mind to learn something new.

The Shih Tzu was bred and finely tuned as a companion dog and he doesn’t have the drive that some others may show for work. Think of the terrier for instance who is always looking to do something busy and interesting. The Shih Tzu is far more interested in looking pretty and being adored than stretching those brain cells beyond their limit for too long.

This is exactly why this little dog loses interest in training very quickly and the same reason that you can truly benefit from introducing bite sized chunks into your training.

Bite Size Training- Plan, Practice and Stop

Because Shih Tzu lose interest very quickly it is a good idea that you decide exactly what to do in a training session before you even begin. This way you will have complete control over your dog’s learning. A typical bite sized chunk will go something like this;

  1. Show your Shih Tzu a reward to achieve motivation
  2. Show him what you want from him by luring him into position or a similar training method (you will find a lot more information on training methods at shihtzuweb.com – on our blog and in our various Shih Tzu kits)
  3. Reward the dog
  4. Repeat the lesson
  5. Reward and end on a good note

All of the above should take no more than five minutes. The most important part of this Shih Tzu training tip is to motivate your dog and end on a good note. If you get those two areas right your Shih Tzu will find learning much easier and more fun.

Using bite sized chunks is one of the least used Shih Tzu training tips and one which can have a great effect on your dog training. Try it and see – I’m certain you will see a great difference.

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