28 Jul

3 Smart Reasons to Take the Shih Tzu Puppy to the Salon

Shih Tzu GroomingDo you live with a Shih Tzu puppy and think it’s too soon to think about employing a dog groomer.

Generally new puppy owners don’t even think about looking for a professional dog groomer to deal with the coat of their Shih Tzu puppy at least until he reaches a few months old.

This is because Shih Tzu puppies have a very different type of coat to the older dog. The puppy covering is soft, fluffy and doesn’t grow very long at all.

However, there are some important and smart reasons for visiting the grooming salon with a Shih Tzu puppy much sooner.

Reason One – Shih Tzu Puppies Learn Early

From the moment he is born the Shih Tzu puppy is learning about life. By the time he is a few months old and rapidly hurtling towards adolescence, most of his early learning is done.

If he hasn’t been to the grooming parlor or had a comb through his coat before he reaches adolescence the Shih Tzu is likely to struggle with it throughout his life.

If you have ever met a Shih Tzu that curled his lips, struggled away from the brush or wriggled his way through a necessary groom you can be sure that he didn’t experience smart Shih Tzu puppy grooming in those crucial first few months.

So get that Shih Tzu along to the grooming salon, even if he only has a bath and the clippers turned on in the distance, this is a vital learning experience for a lifetime of necessary Shih Tzu grooming.

Reason Two – Shih Tzu Puppies Get Sticky

When his mother is no longer around to tidy him up the Shih Tzu will get mucky. That fluffy and delicious Shih Tzu coat will gather all kinds of dirt, food and even body fluids. Similarly his nails will grow long and need the ends nipping off quite regularly or they will catch on things.

Taking your puppy along to the salon for a bath will improve his coat condition whilst getting him used to having a nice wash in a new area, getting his nails clipped and being handled by someone new.

Reason Three – Grooming is A Bonding Experience

The Shih Tzu puppy that is handled with kindness by as many people as possible will become a confident older Shih Tzu.

The idea of grooming a Shih Tzu puppy early is to give the young dog the opportunity to be happy in the hands of a stranger. A great professional dog groomer is perfect for this job as they know how to handle dogs and will thoroughly enjoy their part in the socialization and acclimatization of your Shih Tzu puppy.

So regardless of whether you think your Shih Tzu puppy needs grooming or not it is a great idea to get him along to the salon. Even if he only spends ten minutes on the grooming table for the first visit, Shih Tzu puppy grooming from an early age has far more benefits that waiting until his coat is ready.

By taking your Shih Tzu puppy to the salon early in his life you are taking the smart Shih Tzu grooming approach and ensuring that your puppy will be ready and happy for the salon visit for the rest of his life.

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