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Shih Tzu Information and Facts – Health Considerations for the New Owner

The Shih Tzu dog is very unique. For the new and even the existing owner of this breed there are a lot of very specific things to learn. So if you are looking for Shih Tzu information and facts that every Shih Tzu owner should know we have plenty.

Taking care of a Shih Tzu involves careful understanding of any physical limitations, an instinctive or learned knowledge on how the dog thinks and a genuine love for the Shih Tzu breed. Read on and we will give you a broad range of Shih Tzu information and facts that will ensure you have the best ever relationship with your new or existing Shih Tzu.

The first thing to learn about when taking care of a Shih Tzu is his head. To be more precise the shape of his head and how it can affect his health and well-being.

The head of this breed is developed to be very round whilst the face is flat, with a snub nose and large eyes. Although this is very cute it can cause the Shih Tzu some problems which every dog expert, sharing Shih Tzu information and facts, should make the dog owner aware of.

Shih Tzu Eyes – Breed Facts

The first problem is that of the eye socket. Due to the flat face shape the Shih Tzu eye sockets are quite shallow. If the dog has not been exceptionally carefully bred, sometimes even if he has, this can lead to serious Shih Tzu eye problems.

The eyelids are so far apart that the Shih Tzu eye is easily susceptible to damage and will often gather debris, this is not a dog breed that should hang his head out of the moving car window. Similarly because the eye sockets are so shallow the Shih Tzu eye could easily be susceptible to prolapse.

A Shih Tzu owner, or anyone handling the breed, should never ever pull the skin on the back of a Shih Tzu neck as this can cause the eyeball to leave its socket.

Shih Tzu Information – Face Facts

The second problem that the Shih Tzu head can cause is breathing problems. The nasal channels that go from the nostrils into the body are hindered by the flatness of the dog’s face. This leads to a sniffling and snuffling sound at times and also to a hindered amount of air getting into the body of the dog.

Dogs do not sweat like humans do so they have the cool their bodies by panting. They breathe in cool air and this makes their body cool on the inside. This is made difficult by the Shih Tzu muzzle and thus renders the little dog very susceptible to overheating.

The Shih Tzu owner should consider clipping their dog’s coat in the summer months, keeping the dog indoors or in shady areas and maybe even investing in a cooling vest which is dipped in cool water and then worn like a dog jacket.

This is a basic set of Shih Tzu information and facts that only touches on potential Shih Tzu health hazards. We hope it has helped you to understand your dog and his needs a little better. We love a healthy Shih Tzu and a happy owner, so stick around and feel free to send us some questions.

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