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Shih Tzu Health – Homeopathy

Shih Tzu HealthHomeopathy is a fascinating subject often used to aid Shih Tzu health, usually by holistic veterinarians and other professionals. If you would like to find out more about the treatment along with how it may be able to help your own Shih Tzu stay healthy do read on.

Shih Tzu Health – Naturally

Homeopathy is the natural way to deal with disease in a dog. It’s not limited to dogs though and can be used to treat all animals inclusive of humans. The general theory behind the practice is that like will heal like.

So the cells of an infected animal are treated carefully with a mixture of dilution and vibration in order that they are rendered harmless. Whilst this is being carried out the cells are believed to be made potent enough to provoke the dog’s body and immune system to heal itself.

Thus Homeopathy is said to give the body the tools to heal itself.

Homeopathy and Science

Although the practice works and is embraced by many scientific professionals in the veterinary world Homeopathy has its critics. Some people say that it cannot possibly work based on the method of its creation whilst others are adamant of its effectiveness.

If you are worried about your own Shih Tzu health then it really truly is worth a try. This practice is less invasive than conventional medicine and can have amazing results. It’s important that you work with an experienced practitioner though and ensure the right dosage and course of treatment.

Shih Tzu Health – What can Homeopathy Treat?

Homeopathy can be used to treat a broad range of illnesses and ailments but should never take the place of a proper veterinary diagnosis in the first instance.

There is also a vaccination replacement called homeopathic nosodes that is used in place of a traditional vaccination to stimulate Shih Tzu health directly via the immune system.

Homeopathic treatment is dispensed in small round tablet sized balls. They are designed to sit underneath the tongue until melted. They can be bought at low potency in many health food shops.

Higher potency remedies are usually only prescribed to prevent the incidence that homeopaths call a “healing crisis”. The healing crisis is thought to occur when the body is flooded with too much healing provocation at once which can adversely affect the health of the dog.

Other uses include:

  • Pain treatment via Arnica. Specifically designed for deep bone pain, over exertion and bruising, Arnica is one of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies. Some homeopathic veterinarians use Arnica directly after a dog has had surgery, before the anesthetic has worn off.
  • Bites, stings and other puncture wounds can be treated with Ledum (where the wound feels cool to the touch) or Apis (where the wound is hot, red and swollen).
  • Arthritis that becomes less stiff after movement is treated with the remedy Rhus Tox. This is a good approach for Shih Tzu health when the dog is starting to stiffen as he gets older, usually after sleeping.

There are many other treatments that may help your Shih Tzu to deal with health problems. The main point of Homeopathic treatment as a whole is to nudge the body towards creating the cells which help it to heal itself. Which is certainly worth a try rather than going straight for potentially harmful medications when looking after Shih Tzu health.

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