Worried About Your Dog's Health?

Discover 47 All-Natural Shih Tzu Health And Feeding Secrets The Pet Industry Doesn't Want You To Know...

These Breakthrough Discoveries Are Helping Shih Tzu Live Longer, Healthier Lives... For Less Than The Price Of A Bag Of Dog Food!

From: Bev "The Shih Tzu Gal"

You have a choice. You can let "nature take it's course" when it comes to your dog's health.

Or, you can make it a priority to keep your fur kid is as healthy as possible.

There's an old saying that nothing is as important as your health.

Well guess what?

The same thing is true for our pets.

Let me tell you the story of two, adorable Shih Tzu to illustrate this point

The Story Of Two Fur Kids

Their names were Angie and Archie.

They both came from the same breeder in Iowa until one day two sisters each took one home to their kids.

Angie and Archie didn't see each other for years.

These two adorable dogs came from the same parents so they had the exact same genes and were the exact same breed.

They had the same everything.

But one thing did turn out to be different...

Angie died early at the age of 3, riddled with eye problems, breathing problems and joint problems.

Archie on the other hand lived until the ripe old age of 15 and a half... passing away in his sleep peacefully one night while the family was snuggling up in bed.

You might be wondering...

What Was The Difference?

Well, the difference had nothing do with their innate genetics.

It had everything to do with the how the two dogs were taken care of.

Angie was fed low quality food, had numerous health problems that were not addressed properly, and her owner did not make keeping her dog healthy a priority.

Archie on the other had, was always fed the best food possible... and was given the best care possible.

His parents did everything they could to keep him in tip top shape.

It also helped that Archie's Mom was a naturopathic physician who was well versed in natural medicine and the power that it can have... not only for people, but for animals as well.

So what's the moral of the story here?

It's this...

There's a tremendous range of whatís possible in terms of your dog's health.

Of course, there are some genetic limitations. You're dog is not going to live forever, let's be realistic.

But how you take care of your dog has a profound impact on what type of health problems it will have in the future.

Do you want your dog to be at the bottom of that range or at the top of that range?

If you're concerned about your fur kids health... and want to do everything in your power to make sure it lives a happy, healthy life... then you're going to be thrilled with what I have in store for you today...

Discover The Little-Known, All-Natural Secrets
For Keeping Your Shih Tzu Healthy...

As different as we are from our fur kids, when it comes to health, there are actually more similarities than differences.

In fact, we actually share 75% of the same DNA as our fur kids.

So itís no wonder that so many of the natural cures and remedies that work for humans also work for dogs.

Now there are certainly some differences - and there are certain things that don't work (as I'll show you in just a second)...

But right now, our society is so riddled with pharmaceutical chemical solutions and this is one the biggest reasons why there's so much sickness in society today.

For example, just ten years ago there were 5 million diabetics in the United States and now that number has exploded to 29 million.

We have the tendency to look for the pharmaceutical, chemical, artificial solution when, in many cases, the answer is to simply use what nature has provided us.

Well, dogs are no different than you and me.

We take fish oil to help lubricate our brain and our joints.


Because fish oil is an all-natural, proven solution that helps keep your joints healthy.

Do you think your dog is any different?

Now I'm not saying necessarily that all dogs need fish oil. Iím just trying to illustrate a point.

Here's an example, directly related to Shih Tzu health...

With Shih Tzu, the most common health complaints we get from owners are:

Let's talk about the common problem of skin itching...

The big pet companies prefer we treat itchy skin with things like antibiotics, steroid-injections, and other harsh products.

But there's a problem here.

Some steroids like Cortisone can actually weaken your dog's immune system, liver and kidneys and this can make your dog more vulnerable to infections.

So here's a better, more natural approachÖ

First, you want to prevent the itching from happening in the first place by making sure your dog eats a grain free diet.

Many commercial pet foods are overloaded with processed and genetically modified grains, which also contains lots of gluten.

And this stuff is known to cause itching and trigger allergic reactions in Shih Tzu.

Second, there are at least a dozen natural, low cost ways for treating skin itching in dogs.

One of our favorites is the herb calendula.

A tea made by steeping calendula flowers in hot water and then applying this to problem areas can soothe your fur kidís skin and heal it at amazing speeds.

Why don't we hear more about things like this?

It's because, just like with pharmaceutical companies, there's no financial interest in pushing the all-natural solutions.

Just like there's not enough money for the Pfizerís and the Mercks of the world to push us taking more fish oil...

In the dog industry, the major companies donít have any interest in recommending the all-natural solutions because theyíre so inexpensive.

Why spend two dollars on a bottle on Windex to clean your windows when you can buy a two gallon jug of vinegar for thirty nine cents that does a better job and has no harmful chemicals in it and will, last you for the next five years?

There's no money in it. So you don't hear about vinegar being advertised on TV as an all-natural solution.

I don't know about you, but I'd much rather keep my baby healthy the natural way while not spending an arm and a leg to do so.

And the great news is that...

These Natural Cures Have Been PROVEN To
Help Your Dog Live A Longer, Healthier Life!


Currently the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association publishes over 200 clinical studies a year about the benefits about using natural, holistic care to keep our pets healthy.

In fact, much to the dismay of the pet industry, natural pet solutions have recently been written about and featured in leading media outlets such as Time Magazine, CNN, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, and the Today Show because of how effective they are.

Here's what famous veterinarian Dr. Martin Goldstein said about the subject in his best-selling book, The Nature of Animal Healing:

"I believe that his approach, and all it entails will keep your pet healthier and happier, and prolong his life."
- Dr. Martin Goldstein

And that's why I was inspired to reach out to two of the best all-natural experts in the world when it comes to pet health: A woman by the name of Sally Gutteridge and a vet by the name of Dr. Douglas Crandall, DVM.

I didn't think there was enough of this kind of information out there specifically geared toward Shih Tzu owners that addressed the unique health challenges that many Shih Tzu tend to have.

The result?

I've developed what I consider to be the ultimate, all-natural health and feeding solution for Shih Tzu owners. Something I like to call...

The All-Natural Health Shih Tzu Super Pack!

I'm SO excited about this program.

It contains literally everything you need to make sure your dog lives a long, healthy life.

Not only that, but the guides Iím about to describe to you will show you how to handle ANY Shih Tzu health problems that may come up in the future.

With that in mind, let me explain exactly what you get when you order your copy of the All-Natural Health Shih Tzu Super Pack today:

The Pack consists mainly of TWO step-by-step guides: the Complete Guide To Shih Tzu Feeding and the All-Natural, A to Z Guide To Keeping Your Shih Tzu Healthy.

These guides are delivered digitally so you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to them as soon as you place your order.

We believe that keeping your dog healthy starts with feeding it the proper foods.

That's why the Complete Guide To Shih Tzu Feeding contains absolutely EVERYTHING youíve ever wanted to know when it comes to feeding your pet.

Here's a brief sample of what youíll discover in this amazing guide:

Once you're feeding your baby the proper food, the All-Natural, A to Z Guide To Keeping Your Shih Tzu Healthy will show you everything else you need to know to make sure your dog lives a long, healthy life.

This Guide not only shows you natural ways to keep your dog healthy and prevent health problems BEFORE they even occur, it also shows you exactly how to handle practically every Shih Tzu health problem you can think of.

Here's a brief sample of what you'll discover in this guide:

Plus, When You Order Today, You Will Receive These 4 Specific, Carefully Chosen BONUS Gifts...

Just to sweeten the pot a little, when you grab your copy of the All Natural Health Pack today, youíll also get the following 4 Bonus gifts absolutely FREE. They are:

Free Gift #1: The Picky Eater Solution ($29.95 value)

Is your Shih Tzu a picky eater? If so, this special bonus gift is just what the doctor ordered. In it, you'll discover...

Free Gift #2: The Skin Itching And Allergies Resource Guide ($29.95 value)

Some of the most common Shih Tzu health questions we get involve skin problems, itching and allergies. This guide will show you exactly how to solve these problems once and for all. Highlights of this guide include...

Free Gift #3: How To Get Your Shih Tzu To Stop Eating Its Own Poop ($19.95 value)

A very common problem many owners face is what to do if their dog is eating his or her own poop. In this special bonus book, youíll discover how to get your Shih Tzu to stop engaging in this gross habit. We promise these solutions work even if youíve already tried everything!

Free Gift #4: 152 Home Made Dog Food Recipes ($29.95 value)

Would you like to quickly and easily make your fur kid's food yourself? This guide shows you152 easy-to-follow, healthy recipes your dog is guaranteed to love. Including... .

Plus, The First 50 People To Order Also Get
A Special "Fast Action" Super Bonus Gift...

FAST ACTION Super Bonus: The Complete Guide To Shih Tzu Eye Care - A $19.95 value (first 50 people only)

If you're one of the first 50 people to grab the All-Natural Health Shih Tzu Super Pack, you'll also get our best-selling eye care guide absolutely FREE.

Shih Tzu eye care and eye problems is the one health issue I get asked about the most. This comprehensive 29-page book and video shows you exactly how to care for your Shih Tzuís eyes like an expert.

It also shows you little-known secrets for dealing with Shih Tzu eye problems.

You'll discover...

This is the best, most comprehensive program on keeping your Shih Tzu healthy you will find anywhere. With this information you can finally say goodbye to worrying about your fur kid's health.

Any stress you might be feeling about your dogís health will soon be replaced with feelings of happiness and joy.
Now if you don't think you need this program because your dog is already in great health, think again...

First of all, you can never be too cautious when it comes to your dog's health. I for one like make sure I have all my bases covered when it comes to keeping my pets healthy.

Second, the information in these guides is going to keep your Shih Tzu healthy for years to come. That's exactly what theyíre designed to do.

At ShihTzuWeb.com we are dedicated to providing the absolute best programs to Shih Tzu owners all around the world. All of our programs are the best of their kind. They are created by Shih Tzu experts specifically for Shih Tzu owners just like you.

Of course, I'm a little biased. So don't take my word for it. Instead...

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"Being a new Shih Tzu owner, and not ever owning an indoor dog before, I did not have a clue what to do. I was even more clueless on the needs and taking care of little Shih Tzu dogs. I have always had, and still do have, four cats. Every tip I have read about in your book, on the web site and that you have emailed to me, have been greatly appreciated and some are real eye openers for me. My first and most scariest, to me, event with my new doggie, was she would have these seizures and make horrible noises, pretty often. With your information, I discovered, this is a common reaction in Shih Tzuís and it is called reverse sneezing. How funny, but extremely scary when you think your new companion is seizing, having heart worms and all the other bad things that run thru your mind.

Our new Shih Tzu, was adopted for the City Animal Shelter. She is about a year and a half in age, according to the vet. She was found wondering a busy road, all covered in sticks and dirty. Her hair was very long and dirty and she was hadnít been taking care of in a while. Also starving at the time they found her. We have owned her for 2 months now. She no longer has the reverse sneezing, that all happened her first week in our home. She settled in immediately, she is a lap dog and loves everyone! We can't imagine how we got along, all these years, without our Candi!"

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"I found the book has so much information about my Missy I did not know. It has helped me a lot to understand that I don't do the right things in training her. I'm getting all the information I was looking for. Thanks again for all the information."

- Ruth Ann Barrett
Lakewood, Colorado
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I haven't owned a dog in over 40yrs. so this was kinda new to me again. That's another reason I wanted your book because it was about the mature dog. I definitely would recommend your books to anyone. I thank God for finding my dog he is so good natured and has really made a difference in my husbands frame of mind. I do highly recommend this book to anyone. Thank you so very much."

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So right now you're probably wondering...

How Much Is It?

The All-Natural Health Shih Tzu Super Pack is not just the best program of it's kind...

It's the ONLY program of its kind!

You're going to discover in completely detail how to keep your fur kid as healthy as possible using feeding secrets and low-cost, all-natural solutions.

And you won't find these "veterinarian approved" ANYWHERE else.

At first, we figured we'd price this program at $129, which is still less than the amount you'll pay for just one visit to the vet when all is said and done.

This is price is a steal considering that you'll be paying A LOT more than $129 if your dog has a serious health problem.

I can't tell you how many horror stories Iíve heard from Shih Tzu owners who had to pay thousands of dollars on vet bills just to care for a health problem that could have been easily avoided with the information in our program.

If you don't take charge of your fur kidís health, the potential costs are huge.

They are the difference between your dog having a long, healthy life and - I hate to say this - having a dog who lives a shorter than average life span.

I want your dog to live a long, healthy life and be your lovable companion for years to come.

I donít want you to deal with health scares, worry and confusion about your dog's heath.

With that in mind, I decided to reduce the price of this one-of-kind program... . not just to the bargain price of $99...

Not even to the crazy discount price of $69...

Nope. If you grab your copy today you can get the All-Natural Health Shih Tzu Super Pack for only...

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That's right. For just $47 you can get everything described above. You get the Complete Guide To Shih Tzu Feeding, the All-Natural, A to Z Guide To Keeping Your Shih Tzu Healthy PLUS the four special bonus gifts:

And if you're one of the first 50 to order you also get the Complete Guide To Shih Tzu Eye Care Absolutely FREE.

There's only one "catch"...

The $47 price is a special "introductory" price that I'm making available for newsletter subscribers just to get some feedback on this program before I release it to the general public.

And once I get enough feedback, I'm going to be forced to raise the price of this program to at least $100. So order NOW so you don't miss out on this special deal.

 Right Now, You Have 2 Options...

  1. You can do nothing. You can sit there idly and just "hope" that your pet does not suffer from any serious health problems. Just know that if you take this option, it could eventually cost you thousands of dollars in vet fees. Which actually pale in comparison to the emotional costs of worrying about a pet that suffers from serious health issues.
  2. Or you can grab your copy of the All-Natural Health Shih Tzu Super Pack right now, take responsibility for your dogís health, and look forward to having a happy, health fur kid for many years to come.

The choice is yours.

If you chose option 2 (and I hope you did), click on the button below to get started:


I don't want you to have any stress or worry about whether this program is for you or not. That's why Iím extending you an...

Iron-Clad 365-Day Money Back Guarantee!

It works like this...

Go through the entire program at my risk. If any point in the next YEAR you honestly don't feel like it far exceeded your expectations, just let me know and Iíll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

In all honestly, if the information in this program doesn't have a drastic, positive effect on the health and well-being of your fur kid, then I donít want your money.

Do You Want Your Shih Tzu To Live A Happy, Healthy Life?

If so, then grabbing your copy of the All-Natural Health Shih Tzu Super Pack is the smartest thing you could possibly do right now.

As Iím getting older, I now appreciate more and more how important it is that we take care of our health to the best of our abilities.

Donít you think your dog deserves that same kind of treatment?

Donít you think your dog deserves the absolute best care possible so he or she lives a long, healthy life?

If youíre like me, then the answer to these questions is a resounding YES.

Whatever you decide, please makeyour decision now.

Either decide youíre going to keep your Shih Tzu as healthy a possible using the information in this program or that youíre just going to keep doing what youíve always been doing.

You have everything you need to know to decide if this is right for you or not. There's no need to "think it over" or "decide later."

It is my sincere hope that you decide to take action and get your copy of the All-Natural Health Shih Tzu Super Pack right now. I promise you're going to look back on your decision to invest in this program as one of the smartest decisions you made in your - and your dog's - life.

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Beverly Young
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P.P.P.S. Over a monthís time, your investment is the All-Natural Health Shih Tzu Super Pack adds up to less than the price of a cup of dog food per day. Thatís a very small price to pay for having a healthy, happy Shih Tzu that is going to live a long life. What are you waiting for? Please scroll back up and sign up for the class RIGHT NOW!

"I hope you do not mind me taking some of your time but I wanted to touch base to thank you. We put our 15.5 yr old little Shih Tzu lady Madison down on April 30 of this year, she was a sweetheart and of course miss her. But she is romping around with her cousins Max and Charlie. After much online and book store research I found your site and was very impressed. Our little girl Khloe came into our family on May 20, 2014 . She was just 9 weeks and 2.4 lbs. She is now 4 mosold just under 5 lbs. and in our family 2 months today.

What a joy she is. I downloaded your Ultimate Shih Tzu Book and have been following your suggestions during these two months. I received your Ultimate Shih Tzu DVD Course and it totally completes your training suggestions...

Leash walking is coming along and the visual in the DVD was very helpful. Sit and Stay are going well. Come, well as you said, they have a mind of their own, but she is only 4 mos old. She does get 2 daily training sessions about 10 minutes each time. Getting better each time...

Your attention to detailed presentation, calm, happy and fun training is so important. I will not keep you any longer, but I wanted to sincerely thank you for all that you have created...

- Veronica (Ronnie) Reilly
The Woodlands, TX