31 Mar

Is Your Shih Tzu Dog Food Causing Dog Behavior Problems?

Are you at the end of your tether with a naughty Shih Tzu who simply can’t seem to respond to training sessions? Perhaps you have tried all of the positive dog training techniques that you know and carefully followed lots of advice to no avail?

If this is you then you may need to look a little closer at the mechanics within your cheeky dog and at the affect that Shih Tzu dog food is having on his physical and psychological health. Careful observation is vital because the most undesirable behavior may simply be a result of the wrong diet.

Commercially prepared dog foods, particularly those by big manufacturers with a lot of profit in mind, often contain some extremely worrying ingredients. Colors, preservatives and chemicals are all added to some Shih Tzu dog food, in fact all dog foods, to please the owner rather than the dog.

Shih Tzu Dog Food Additives

Take a moment and think carefully about some of the convenience dog foods that you have encountered in your life. Those foods which have specific strong smells, like smoky bacon or cheese, and very bright mixed colors. Green for round bits of kibble to resemble peas and orange for tiny kibble carrots.

All of this color, smell and taste has to come from somewhere and sadly it is often chemical additives. Shih Tzu dog food can contain many unnatural additives just to make it more interesting to the person paying the bill, you.

Dog Food and Behavior

Why does dog food affect behavior though?

It is actually quite easy to understand why dog food affects your dog’s behavior so severely, it is simply a case of looking towards chemicals in the body. Think of yourself, how do you feel when you eat too much takeaway, or spend a few days eating food that barely resembles the whole food source that it once was?

The way that your Shih Tzu feels is a direct result of his internal and external environment. If your Shih Tzu dog food has little nutritional value but contains needless chemicals then the body has to work really hard to provide the cells with everything that they need to maintain a state of mental and physical health. If the good quality fuel isn’t there then the cells will begin to struggle and this will change your dog’s behavior, simply because it has changed the way that your Shih Tzu is feeling.

In addition to the additives to improve sight and smell of food the standard dog foods also contain a lot of carbohydrate such as beet pulp, often much more than the body can deal with. This will cause huge peaks and drops in the energy of your Shih Tzu and can explain the reasons behind hyperactive behavior, lack of control and even depression.

Shih Tzu Dog Food Improvements

So how can you change your Shih Tzu’s behavior? Start by checking the packet on the dog food that he eats. Take a look at each of the ingredients then make it your mission to find out exactly what each ingredient is and what it actually does, when it gets into the body. You might be surprised. By researching and, if necessary, changing your Shih Tzu dog food you can change the way that he feels on the inside and as a consequence the way that he behaves on the outside.

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