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Choosing A Shih Tzu Training Class

Shih Tzu training classes can be great fun if you choose the right one. Shih Tzu puppy classes are similarly fun for the dog but it’s important to ensure you choose carefully in order to make sure that your dog really benefits. So read on and learn how to find the right training class for your Shih Tzu.

Dog training is generally an unregulated profession and some people are practicing as dog trainers that really shouldn’t be. If you are looking for a Shih Tzu trainer, then be sure to carefully interview any potentials carefully.

You will be looking for a trainer that has a good level of qualifications. With so many people offering courses to aid people to become a dog trainer “in six weeks” or similar it can be a difficult task to weed out the bad ones. Yet, the quality of your Shih Tzu training along with the happiness and well-being of your Shih Tzu, weed you must.

What To Look For In A Shih Tzu Trainer

There are a number of definite things to look for in any trainer that you consider allowing near your beloved Shih Tzu, here they are:

  • Qualifications based in science. Any qualifications must be science based and not opinion based. You will be able to tell a good trainer because they will be proud of both their education and their approach.
  • Membership of a professional organization. All good dog trainers will strive to obtain membership to a professional organisation that works to better the standards of dog training. If your potential trainer can talk freely of this, then they are likely to be pretty up to date with their teaching methods.

What To Avoid In A Shih Tzu Trainer

If you are considering Shih Tzu classes, then it’s a good idea to avoid anyone with the following methods. I’ll explain why below:

  • Aversion techniques. Aversive actions are often used regularly by unlearned dog trainers. The type of techniques I am talking of is squirty water bottles, rattle cans and check collars. If a dog trainer uses these on a regular basis then they are best avoided as these methods won’t train your Shih Tzu, just scare him.
  • Too many people in a class. The perfect class ratio should be one trainer to every 4/5 dog owners. If there is a huge class of dogs and owners with one trainer, then your trainer will not be able to keep up with everyone. The reason for a smaller ratio is to be able to recognize fear and confusion in every dog in the group.
  • Anyone who says your Shih Tzu is a wolf. Please avoid any dog trainer that states your Shih Tzu is trying to get to the head of the pack. This theory is best avoided as it’s not true and it also breaks down communication between Shih Tzu and their people.

If you are unsure about a particular Shih Tzu trainer and their methods, then do some careful research. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either because a good dog trainer will welcome questions, as we do love to talk about dogs!

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