23 Jun

Bath Time – Shampoo That Shih Tzu

Are you looking for the best shampoo for Shih Tzu? Perhaps you can’t decide which shampoo is good for an itchy dog or to make that coat shine, read on for we have all of the answers right here.

Shih Tzu ShampooThe first thing to remember is that the dog has a slightly different skin type to us humans.

Our PH levels are different so it is not a great idea to use complicated human shampoo on the coat of your Shih Tzu no matter how many times it promises long and luscious locks.

Secondly it is vital that you steer clear of any shampoo that contains tea tree oil. Although this is a wonderful addition to any shampoo for humans and even bigger dogs can cope well with it, added Tea Tree oil has, in a small number of cases, had toxic effects on smaller dogs. It is a good idea to avoid this additive thus avoiding potential risks.

Itchy Shih Tzu

If your Shih Tzu is terribly itchy then it is important to rule out parasites such as fleas or mites. Fleas are the most obvious as they leave little black gritty dirt in the coat that turns red when wet. An infested dog with fleas will usually need veterinary treatment as a one off chemical treatment followed by preventative measures.

Mites are a little different, they cannot usually be seen by the human eye but will cause very itchy patches that the dog excessively licks or chews. Mites are often picked up from fields at around harvest time and can usually be washed away.

Mange mites are more serious and are caught from infected animals, these will need veterinary treatments as the cause hair loss and eventually affect the dog’s immune system.

There is a wonderful and completely natural shampoo that will calm the skin of an itchy Shih Tzu very quickly. Oatmeal shampoo has a soothing and gently calming effect. By combing a mild oatmeal shampoo through a wet Shih Tzu and leaving it for a while before rinsing, you will be giving the gentle oatmeal chance to neutralize the itchy skin.

For a Glossy Coated Shih Tzu

If your dog is not itchy then your Shih Tzu shampoo choice is broader.

Grooming suppliers have a whole range of shampoos and conditioners suitable for Shih Tzu. It is not unusual to see shampoo for black coats, shiny white coats and everything in between. The best shampoo for Shih Tzu has less chemicals that natural ingredients so take a really good look at the bottle before buying.

A Shih Tzu Trade Secret

The best effect on your Shih Tzu coat is actually the simplest. A spoonful of apple cider vinegar mixed with half a pint of warm water used as a final rinse will make your Shih Tzu’s coat gleam.

The same dilution also deters fleas and other cheeky parasites. So why not get natural with cider vinegar today, make your Shih Tzu Shine, and chase those fleas away?

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