09 Feb

5 Ways To Make Your Shih Tzu Smile Today

We do so much writing on how to make your dog easier to live with, we can often forget how he feels. So let’s explore that for a moment and make your Shih Tzu smile for a while, I bet it makes you smile too!

Shih Tzu smiles are wonderful things. They don’t show teeth but they do show. Just look at your dog’s mouth at the sides. When he is smiling your Shih Tzu lip edges will turn up. It’s very subtle but wonderful nonetheless.

The smile can be triggered by a number of things, here are 5 of them:

  1. Do some positive training. Positive Shih Tzu training is great and your dog will love it very much. I am specifically speaking of positive reinforcement here, such as clicker training where your Shih Tzu has to guess what you want in order to earn a treat. Shih Tzu are bright little dogs and relish positive training.
  1. Buy your Shih Tzu an interactive toy. Interactive toys are much loved by all dogs especially Shih Tzu. Toys are interactive when your dog can play with it or learn to do something to it that gives them something back. A Kong for instance will give out treats if you stuff it before handing it over, or an activity ball will dispense sweeties as your Shih Tzu rolls it along.
  1. Scatter feed your Shih Tzu. If your dog eats scatter friendly food, then why not toss them around the house and garden to allow him to gather them up in his own time. Scatter feeding is great fun and quite mentally tiring for your Shih Tzu. He will love every moment of it and rest well afterwards, what could make him happier?
  1. Dance with your Shih Tzu. If you have never danced with your dog, then you are missing a treat. Not only is it great fun for your dog but it is shared fun so is wonderful for your relationship with your Shih Tzu. Shut the blinds if you have to, pop on a fast song and do a Shih Tzu jig.
  1. Go for a walk somewhere new. Shih Tzu love exploring new places so why not change your walking route in order to allow him to check out somewhere new. It can get quite boring for a dog to do the same walk every day, so why not try a new park or field, your Shih Tzu will soon be smiling all over his face.

It can be easy to forget that our dog’s rely on us for so much. Particularly when we are caught up in our own worlds. So make it a definite plan to make your Shih Tzu smile this week. He does, after all, make you smile every day!

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