11 Aug

5 Secrets to a Super Healthy Shih Tzu

Healthy Shih TzuYour Shih Tzu may be healthy but ask yourself this, is he super healthy? He may have a coat that is soft and even a bit shiny but does it gleam?

Good health shows doesn’t it? A healthy and happy Shih Tzu will sparkle and here’s how to get your own dog to do just that!

Read on to learn some great natural and little known secrets which will lift your Shih Tzu into super health status.

You can put anything at all onto the outside of your Shih Tzu yet unless he is healthy on the inside your Shih Tzu will never look super healthy. The best conditioners and all day long brushing will not have the same effect as a good strong digestive and immune system.

When everything works as it should within, when the vitamins, minerals and fresh foods all combine in your Shih Tzu’s body to grow strong new cells along with a capable immune system is the point that your dog becomes a super healthy Shih Tzu.

How do you get to this point though? Well you ensure that your dog gets all of the specific types of food and supplement that his little body needs in order to do its job. Shall we take a look at exactly what I mean?

A Healthy Shih Tzu Needs…

  • The vitamins in pet food may not meet all the needs of your Shih Tzu. To ensure that he is a completely healthy dog it’s a good idea to invest in a great quality all round vitamin supplement to add to his diet.

Vitamin C plays an essential part in bone and skeletal growth of the dog which is necessary in all life stages but especially so in puppy growth and the later years where joints begin to show wear and tear.

Vitamin E is a wonderful addition to the diet of the older dog and also supports the heart.

  • Digestive enzymes are found in abundance in plant based foods. Stomach enzymes naturally occur in the body of the healthy Shih Tzu. Dried foods, poor diet and age can lead to a loss of enzymes which in turn prevents the great digestion which ensures that nutrients all reach the right place.
  • Fatty Acids. Essential fatty acids include flax oil and some fish oils. This supplement supports the coat and skin health of your dog and is exactly what will create that wonderful gleaming coat and soft skin of the healthy Shih Tzu.

Everything that we have covered above, combined in your dog’s diet will provide that added extra health shot to create a super healthy Shih Tzu. The right food creates a strong immune system so that rather than rely on the vet to deal solely with passing virus and bacterial infection your dog’s body can help your Shih T stay healthy too.

If you would like to know more about Shih Tzu natural health why not take a look at our complete healthy Shih Tzu course right here!

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